Saint-Ayoul's Priory

UNESCO World Heritage

An architectural complex with a thousand-year history, to be discovered on a guided tour.

With the help of guide, you could visit Saint Ayoul's Priory, which is the origin of the Fairs of Champagne.

The priory is part of the whole monument, which the church was the first place for exchanges and trade fairs in Provins. The place soon became a compulsery step on the way of pilgrims, and gathered merchants on the forecourt.

Building, fires, reconstruction, destruction, restoration, this monument had several lives.

15 years is number of years it took to restore it after it was acquired by the city of Provins in 2003.
The result is worth it.

The guided visit lasts 1h30.


  • Openning

    From 30/03 to 29/09, every Saturday and Sunday at 3.30 pm.
    Open exceptionally on 01/05, 08/05, 30/05, 31/05, 10/06, 15/08 and 16/08.

  • Costs

    Adult: from 8 €
    Child (4-12 years): from 5 €.

    Free entry for children < 4 years.