Communal cemetery - Chambry

In the night of the 5 and 6 of September 1914, Germans are withdrawing from their position of the previous day and take refuge in Chambry, where they besiege the cemetery.

They dig loopholes in these thick walls to try and repel, in vain, the counter-attack of the French army.
Early in the morning, the French officers send Moroccan soldiers for an offensive on Chambry. At 10AM, the Turcos attack the cemetery, where the Germans are entrenched. Reports mention that Moroccan soldiers seized the cemetery in the afternoon, but had to retreat almost immediately under the fire of German cannons.
The 7th of September, the Zouaves finally take back the village from the Germans army around 4PM, but also take an heavy toll in this attack.
German loopholes, records of these violent battles of September 1914 are still visible today.


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