Ponds of Grez and Moncourt


These 50-hectare Grez-Moncourt ponds are the remains of former sand and gravel quarries, used for the work of the Paris-Lyon motorway in Seine et Marne.


route départementale 40 D
77880 Grez-sur-Loing

01 64 45 95 15

In 1975, following an investigation of public utility, their acquisition and redevelopment in a natural site classified by the Intercommunal Syndicate of the Waterbodies of Grez-Moncourt, benefited from important aid from the State, the Department of Seine et Marne and the Agency of green spaces, provided they are open to the public and maintained by the intercommunal union, for activities of nature sports, walking, fishing, relaxation ...

Areas of ecological interest have been classified around the ponds: a Natural Area of ​​Ecological Interest Fauna and Flora and an Important Area for the Conservation of Birds, where more than 80 species are listed.