Medieval Garden in Donnemarie Dontilly

Plant collection Medicinal/healing plants

Beside the beautiful parish church, the ancient graveyard became a medieval garden designed upon the theme of "live and death".




Rue de l'église Rue des cloîtres
77520 Donnemarie-Dontilly

01 64 60 21 80

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Twelve rectangles symbolise the twelve apostles and the twelve month of the year. As in the 13th century, the rectangles bordered by sandstone pavement are supposed to produce medical herbs, which are protected by willow branches.
The flowerbeds are more decorative and surrounded by small box trees are reminding of the spiritual lectures of the symbols in the 15th century. The plants, which were all regularly used for medical purposes in the Middle Ages, bring back to memory almost forgotten smells. This medieval garden is open every day and the entrance is free.