Vivez un "Eté en Grand" en Seine-et-Marne !

Inutile de quitter l’Hexagone, la Seine-et-Marne vous invite à retrouver votre liberté lors d’expériences dont vous vous souviendrez longtemps.

Laissez-nous vous inspirer pour l’été de toutes vos envies !



This historic city, at the junction between the former provinces of the Brie, the Gâtinais, Champagne and Burgundy, is located at the confluence of the rivers Seine and Yonne, and has a rich heritage and its busy streets to offer the visitor.

The priory of Saint Martin, perched on the hill overlooking Montereau, was formerly the dependence of a Benedictine abbey and was converted into a farm in the seventeenth century. The old porter’s lodge and the priory church, with its raised Romanesque choir, can still be seen. The Collegiate church of Notre Dame et Saint Loup, which was constructed between the 12th and 16th centuries, is a mixture of flamboyant gothic and Renaissance styles. A sword, said to be that of Jean Sans Peur, who was assassinated on the Yonne bridge in 1419, can be seen inside the church hanging from the 5th pillar of the central nave. The equestrian statue of Napoleon I, which is erected between the two bridges, is a reminder of the Emperor's last battle on February 18th, 1814.