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Episcopal City

Town of Art & History Gothic

The Episcopal City, Jewel of the Heritage of Meaux


Come to Meaux and take a stroll through history, from the Cathedral to the Palace of Bishops, past the Old Chapterhouse and the magnificent Bossuet Garden -- it’s a fascinating pastime!
In the Middle Ages, the Episcopal district of Meaux extended from the Cathedral to the ramparts or ancient city walls. As indicated by the name, the Episcopal district was reserved for the Bishop, the chapter of the cathedral canons and their lay or ecclesiastical entourage.
The Episcopal city, in its present condition, remains largely unchanged since the 18th century. The variety of architectural styles, dating back to different historical periods, form a prominent part of the city’s architectural heritage.
The Episcopal City of Meaux retained its religious function par excellence until the French Revolution, as an ecclesiastical city adjoining the lay city. In the 19th century, the Episcopal Palace of Meaux was disputed between the lay power and the Church. Finally, the Law of 1905, on the separation of Church and State, completed the transfer of this historical heritage into the hands of the State.

Did you know? Meaux, City of Art and History! The label City of Art and History is awarded to local communities possessing a significant artistic, architectural or historical heritage and committed to its careful preservation and best possible use. At Meaux, you are swept along by the tumult of History accompanied, if you wish, by specially trained guide lecturers …


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