Stevenson Trail

Set out to explore Fontainebleau Forest and admire its exceptional landscapes, following in the footsteps of the numerous writers, poets and painters who found artistic inspiration here in the second half of the 19th century.

Relive Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous trek from Barbizon to Grez-sur-Loing – the inspiration for his book “Treasure Forest” – to meet up with his artist friends staying at the Hôtel Chevillon.

Safety instructions and good practices: - Respect the French highway code at all times and in all locations and remain courteous and polite with those you meet along the way. - Remain vigilant during the entirety of your outing. Don’t stray from the paths and trails, respect private properties, and carefully cross all streets and roads. Carefully follow the instructions and directions provided for each itinerary. - Respect the area’s flora and fauna, and leave no waste or trash behind. - Prior to departure, make sure that your smartphone or tablet is sufficiently charged. - When preparing your walk or hike, consider the level of difficulty for your chosen loop (especially if you’re bringing along children). - Prior to setting out, consult the weather forecast and remember to wear comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots, rainwear, a cap, sunscreen and sunglasses (depending on the season), a first-aid kit, a snack and water to drink during your outing. Also consider bringing along binoculars and a camera. - If you happen to notice any anomaly while following an itinerary, please don’t hesitate to write us! We value all such observations and remarks.